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Our Work With Kelvingrove House Student Accommodation, Glasgow

One of the main markets for our modular shower pods is the student accommodation sector, and over the years we have been privileged to work with a variety of private landlords and accommodation providers throughout the country, as well as university estates directly to supply their halls of residence.

A good example of the type of project we engage with is our ongoing work in 2022/23 for Kelvingrove House Student Accommodation in Glasgow. Kelvingrove House is a stylish mixed accommodation development of luxury studios and ensuite apartments located a short 10-minute walk away from Glasgow University, and within easy reach of local transport links, the Glasgow Students Union, and the city centre.


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The complex was built in 2014 and included all the mod cons students need for a comfortable university life, including ample storage space, a large bedroom, on-site laundry, and either ensuite bath/shower rooms for the apartments, or discrete communal wash facilities for the studios.

As was typical for student accommodation buildings at the time, the showers were traditional tile and tray cubicles. Subjected to heavy use and a rapid turnaround of residents, many of the showers started to leak, causing damage to the surrounding flooring and wall boarding used to finish the apartments.

Faced with increasing demands for maintenance and repair, the landlord commissioned a wide-ranging refit of the building to be overseen by main contractor Eycon.


Eycon got in touch with us to discuss our shower pod solutions, and after a site visit to Glasgow, we installed a new shower pod into a trial room so they could see how it worked. The contractor and client were impressed by how quick and easy the shower pod was to install, and that it was completely leakproof. Following approval, we were commissioned to provide shower pods, as well as doors and shower mixers, for all the Kelvingrove communal bathrooms and apartments.

How We Helped

As the building was occupied by students throughout the development, the project was progressed through block release. Studios and apartments were refurbished a few at a time, with students moved down to the floor that had just been completed.

The project plan included two phases of development.

  • Phase One, which commenced in February 2022, included 88 shower pods – a mixture of the 650DX shower pod and the larger 1050DX shower pods for studio flats. 
  • Phase Two, including showers for an additional 30 rooms, is about to commence in summer 2023.

Outcomes And Feedback

The 88 shower pods specified for phase one were installed and tested successfully, and have remained completely leak free, enabling the refit to proceed as planned. The client is happy with the results from phase one and has already noted fewer maintenance and repair instances related to shower leaks.

We are looking forward to undertaking phase two and are anticipating a smooth and successful completion of what has been a rewarding and enjoyable project.

Our contact at Eycon had the following to say:

‘We worked closely with Kevin and the Advanced Showers team on what was a tricky refurbishment with strict timescales due to the student accommodation being fully occupied and room availability/ handovers having to be managed very closely. Advanced Showers met all our delivery dates and were always on the phone if there were any issues. The product is of high quality and the client is delighted.’ – Stuart Eynon

Next Steps

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Eycon and Kelvingrove House for helping deliver a successful project. If you’d like to find out more about our work with Kelvingrove or discuss a student accommodation project with one of our experienced team, please call 01483532020 today or get in touch via our website.


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