Sectors We Work In

At Advanced Showers we manufacture leakproof and long lasting shower pods that enhance any development. Historically, they have been hugely popular in student accommodation and now their appeal is rapidly spreading to other construction sectors. The uptake includes hotels, hostels, apartment buildings and residential/domestic developments, where the product range matches every budget, even up to high end luxury builds.

  • Universities and colleges prize their resilience to the wear and tear of heavy usage
  • Hotels and hostels value the fit-and-forget low maintenance benefits of shower pods
  • Domestic and residential developers know that fast installation and low labour costs de-risk projects

Durable And Resilient

Manufactured in our Coventry factory from glass reinforced polymer (GRP), our shower pods have a lifespan of between 25 and 30 years. The attractive high gloss finish maintains its appearance very well and does not deteriorate significantly even with heavy usage.

Fit-And-Forget Low Maintenance

Guaranteed leakproof, shower pods come in either two or three sections that interlock easily using special watertight gaskets. That means they are leakproof. Even the tray is integrated into the unit, so no possibility of leaks there either. Unlike conventional tile and tray showers, there are no tiles to crack or come loose and no grout to go mouldy and black. A quick occasional wipe with a cleaning cloth is all they require to maintain their smart appearance year after year.

Fast To Install With Low Labour Costs

Shower pods from Advanced Showers can be assembled and installed by a single tradesperson in less than a day. Even faster if two people are assigned. There are no materials that could run out or be late in arriving. All of which means less risk of foul-ups that can delay your projects, as well as lower labour costs compared with conventional tile and tray showers.

Discover The Benefits

Architects, designers and developers are discovering that shower pods help to ensure builds complete speedily and also result in happy clients and users. Download our free eBook The Shower Pods Guide, which describes the features and benefits in detail.