Shower Pods Gallery

No matter the size, dimension or specific ‘fit’ that you are needing for your shower, at Advanced Showers we can provide you with bespoke Shower Pods that can be easily installed into any home and space.

Not only do our Shower Pods have the ability to be easily manoeuvred through doorways or fitting into any alcove and space, they’re also the perfect hygienic solution to traditional tile and tray showers. Therefore, unlike traditional showers, Advanced Showers’ Shower Pods are mastic and grout-free, due to being made of high-gloss and reinforced polymer plastic. This makes them easy to clean, resistant to leaks, and tolerant to all harsh cleaning chemicals.

What Types of Pods Do We Have?

Our 3 main types of Shower Pods are Corner Pods, Alcove Pods and Custom Shower Pods. These Shower Pods are all available in different sizes and configurations, meaning we can customise them to have different styles of glass screens and a variety of finishes or layouts, to suit your requirements.

Corner Shower Pods 

Our Corner Shower Pods are designed to slot into a curved or corner space in your bathroom, creating a modern and stylish feel, whilst providing a long standing service for up to 20 years.

Alcove Shower Pods

If you are looking for a shower to fit in between a space within a wall, then our Alcove Pods are your best option. These shower pods take up no additional floor space in your bathroom making them undemanding to fit into your home and cost-effective.

Browse our Shower Pod gallery below to view our product range, and get in touch today for more information on our Shower Pods.