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Technical Details

A single high quality glass reinforced polymer unit made in interlocking sections for easy installation. The very latest technology and unique patented design, offers the client a long-term solution and won't leak.


Advanced Showers cabinets are simply installed by a competent plumber. This avoids the split responsibility co-ordinating carpenter, plumbers and tilers.

Cabinets are supplied in two, three or four sections bolted together. Units are dismantled and boxed for ease of transport. It is then a simple case of re-assembling the units incorporating a factory fitted jointing gasket, eliminating any need for mastic and its associated problems.

Cabinets are supplied with adjustable feet to assist levelling.

Optional extension legs are available for bolting to underside of the shower. This will enable a waste trap to be conveniently installed below the cabinets but above the floor level.

Optional floor level access panels are available to neatly close the gap below the cabinet when installed on legs.

Cabinets are simply fixed to the building structure by the vertical front edges with the fixing kit supplied.

Waste traps (customer choice) should have an 85mm flange.

Shower valves and riser rails should be fitted direct to the wall of the cabinet using backing boards (not supplied). Recessed shower valves require metal cradle brackets (normally supplied with the shower valve or available from the valve manufacturer).

Other Installation Options

Electric shower heaters installed direct to the wall of the cubicle.

Approved lights and/or extract fans.

Grab handles and/or Seats. All fixings to the wall of the shower cabinet should be backed with ply plates (by installer).

Heaters, lights, fans, grab handles and seats are all available from your builder's merchant or bathroom specialist.


Advanced Showers cabinets should be cleaned with non-scratch, non bleach cleaners. Limescale build-up may be quickly removed using a domestic bathroom descaler (Limelite, Bath Power or Viakal).

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