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Hope Homes Scotland

Hope Homes, the family run business based in Drongan, Ayrshire has recently celebrated fifteen years in the house building market. With almost all of their homes built in Ayrshire and a third in their home town of Drongan it brings a new definition to the concept of "word of mouth" and "local reputation".

They are in the unusual position of knowing many of... view more

Sectional leak proof shower cubicles are a winner (Martin Grant Homes)

Martin Grant have been fitting Advanced Showers for over eight years now and are able to work on a 'just in time' basis. Cubicles are ordered within days of being required so there is no stock kicking about the houses for long periods of time with all of the inconvenience and potential for damage. With the unique patented sectional design the products are easily manoeuvred to their fixing position are rapidly installed and are literally... view more

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