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Shower Cubicles For Housing Developments

Advanced Showers are well qualified in the design, manufacture and installation of shower cubicles having worked closely with the House Building sector for the past ten years. In fact, Advanced Showers designed and patented the sectional leak proof shower cubicle manufactured in Glass Reinforced Polymer as far back as 1994. The key reason for their invention in the early 90's was in recognition of escalating maintenance costs from the more traditional tile and tray method mainly generated from ongoing leaks.

Following on from its first orders in the mid 90' s, the Company boasts installations in many residential homes throughout the country. House Builders benefit from our sectional cubicles particularly where space is limited or in the case of apartments where the cubicles have to be manoeuvred to many floors. The sectional design means the cubicles do not have to be delivered before the structure has been built. This is a particularly benefit with new build and refurbishment projects alike.

Advanced Showers come in a range of sizes, styles and shapes to fit a wide variety of interior spaces and designs. The range is available either fully enclosed or with an open top and some "Plus" models are available to accommodate taller people. There is also the advantage of being able to reduce the height of the cubicle and increase the number of sections if limited access and space is a concern.

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